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Innovative Finance for National Forests (IFNF) RFP Round 3
Technical Support & Feedback

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Interested applicants have the option of engaging with one of IFNF’s technical assistance advisors, Gordian Knot Strategies (GKS). GKS is experienced at helping applicants design programs, projects, and initiatives that are optimally positioned for success, and will provide feedback on the proposed project drawing on learnings from the Arches Framework it created in 2021. 

GKS is offering free access to the Traro application to help IFNF applicants identify and receive feedback on the seven critical elements needed to effectively design and implement high impact conservation finance projects.

Applicants interested in benefiting from feedback based from the Arches platform should register their interest. It is recommended that applicants take advantage of the free Traro tool to craft their proposal before final submission to the IFNF program.

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